We accumulated about 750 dollars worth of points with our business American Express card and let my mom spend the points. She bought a Kindle, a camera and a bike. I went over to see her today and as I was leaving I could see her riding the bike in my rear view mirror. She had this glowing, genuine smile on her face from riding the bike. It actually made me happy seeing her happy. This isn’t just your normal happy but a sincere feeling of happiness. No sporting achievement could overtake that happiness I felt. I felt like getting out of my car and giving her a hug and telling her how happy I am to have her as my mother. I wish I could be as happy as she was doing something as simple as riding a bike. I get so caught up in the financial markets and worrying about what people think that I think I miss out on the simple joys. It’s moments like those though that I know won’t always be around forever. Life doesn’t stop and you can’t take anything for granted. It’s sad to some extent but once you come to terms with the concept that you can’t change the passing of time, you just have to take every moment for what it is. That’s why people getting mad at other people is so foolish. Simply put, I’m going to try to be a happier person by making other people happy.