You’ll see I added some categories at the top which should hopefully make navigation easier. I spent the last half hour trying to figure out how to get the word “Therapy” removed from the header. I successfully managed to either remove it and the title or have it like it is now. I’ve been reading some posts on how to create a better website and they say the title should have keywords in it. I’ve changed my title at least 15 times now that I might stick with this one. Even though admitting to being a functioning alcoholic isn’t the grandest of titles, I’m not sure what else this blog really stands for. I can’t pick one topic and stick to it because it wouldn’t just bore you, it would bore me. I need to be able to bounce from movies to music to sports to keep it lively. I think this hurts me a bit because Google looks for keywords that are specific and I’m all over the place. I can’t figure out why my social media boxes aren’t coming up right and I messed around with the SEO options to the point that google will probably never find my web address again. I have about 160 unique visitors today mostly brought in by “amy winehouse before and after” searchs. Brandi Passante was a close second.

I feel like I haven’t written about my life much but people never seem to interested so that’s why I lean towards entertaining posts instead of my life. If I was more exciting, maybe that would change. I ran a 17:20 3 mile on the track today which was decent. I ran a 5:10 mile just 2 weeks ago in 95 degree weather so I’m pretty sure I can break 5 later in the week if I try. I’m almost done the 2nd Game of Thrones book and will write a review when I finish. I signed up for HBOGo and realized I don’t have to purchase the Soprano’s DVD’s anymore. I still want to watch MadMen but haven’t gotten around to it. I’m caught up on Weeds, Curb, Entourage, and True Blood. Curb has been the best show with the other falling into a mature, been there done that sort of feeling. Actually with True Blood it’s more like “never done that, don’t really care about that.” I’ve been feeling good and hope to get my adsense account back so I can give it another go at making some cash. Note to Mark, might not want to click my link 30 times as I have a feeling that may have got me banned. No hard feelings though for the most active reader / participant.