I think he had the $ in his name before Ke$ha so there are probably few copyright issues pending. I personally liked the period of time when he was being referred to as JSmash but he’s cleaned up his act since then. I feel like any time JKa$h is involved with something a story appears. Often times the story isn’t linked towards unbelievable athletic performance (don’t worry I’ll get there) but usually some random event that wouldn’t happen to anyone else but him.

The pedometer incident in right field is the obvious classic in the 1 softball game he played all year. Without a ball hit to him all game the top of the 7th arrives and there are two outs. The batter hits a moon ball to right of course and Jon is on his horse after it until a ditch in the ground causes him to trip and he sprawls out in slow motion time. We ended up winning the game but for some bizarre reason Jon is carrying a pedometer that I can’t remember if he found or not but was searching right field afterwards.

Jon isn’t the faster of the two brothers but I certainly would never question JKash’s hands. He didn’t become Marcedes Lewis for no reason. I’m not sure he dropped a pass all football season. He even caught one between his legs or maybe it was with his legs which showed true concentration. I have to mention he was the only person to get injured during touch football season somehow landing on his shoulder. Amazingly he missed a few games but returned for the Championship game like he didn’t miss a beat.

JKash isn’t known for his offensive prowess in Bball but he will rough up the other team when he’s on the court. A natural bruiser who isn’t afraid to commit a foul. It wouldn’t matter if he showed up in the 4th quarter, Jkash is never finishing a game with less than 4 fouls acquired. Let’s not question the Stocktonesque passing that can be seen here. Not a shoot first player but his knowledge about the game and basketball IQ are up there.

The last paragraph is always the most fun for me because I get to pick out non-sport attributes that I can comment on. I would pit JKa$h against practically anyone in knowing what jersey number professional athletes are. I think he only does Basketball but I’m sure he’ll chime in. His love for Shawn Kemp should be noted (I don’t think he likes Jamaal as much as me once saying “I hope he gets gonorrhea”). He let me know how to utilize “the twirl” with girls on the dancefloor. His love of Birdman and always having his “swag on lean” is obvious. I know about his handy man skills when we built a beer pong table together that’s been used a maximum of 5 times. His partying days may be limited with his girlfriend making sure he doesn’t get out of hand but I know Jka$h used to go out every Thursday night with me in his glory days. Besides myself, he’s the number 1 closest person in Mind Erasers consumed. Let’s also thank the Lamps for his short stint in male modeling. He also comments a lot on my blog which should be apparent that JKa$h speaks his mind more often than not leading to various degrees of situations. JKa$h has been a really good friend of mine for a long time and he’s earned my unwavering trust. I probably left out some crucial information that he’ll be sure to tell me about so maybe you’ll catch a part two. In his own words “everyone loves to read about JKa$h”.