On Sunday afternoon, Bake, the Shee, CK4 and I played golf at the Lederach Golf Course. Their twilight was at 3:30 so we payed 45 dollars each to ride. The course seemed empty but we were waiting pretty much every hole. That being said the round wasn’t particularly slow and we finished in 4 hours or so. We played from the green tee boxes which were in between white and blue much to the chagrin of CK4. There are a few things about this golf course which make it unique. The first thing you notice is that the fairways are huge. This is not a course you are going to lose a ton of golf balls on. I think I lost 2 the whole day and I was spraying balls all over the place. This aspect is certainly favorable to average golfers. The next thing to note is that these greens are normal greens. The undulation is pretty significant and the greens are huge. This led to a ton of 3 putts for me.

From the golf end of things, this course really has it together. The price is right, the course is in good condition, it’s challenging and I thought pretty fair. A couple of not so good things are 3 dollar Gatorade. 2 water fountains on the course which provide luke warm water and not a single cooler with water. This was absolutely the worst part about the course and to go to the trouble to have such a nice course and slack on the water is not looking out for the players. Ck4 said that there weren’t any paper towels in the bathroom either. The bar seemed nice and clean though and specials seemed good. I’d give the course a sold 8.5 out 10. I’m not complaining about the price or really anything at all about the course, just some minor flubs in my mind. Just to add, I finished with a 98 and that included a 10 on a hole where my pitching wedge snapped in half and a 9 on a hole where my 3rd shot on a par 5 would have been green side but instead was 3 feet out of bounds and I re-hit like I was supposed to.