Feeling the need to respond to a comment made on my post on why the United States is in Trouble, I wrote this. The National Debt is 14.3 Trillion. Here is a good chart of how the Gov’t spends your money.

How the Gov't spends our money

The Dept of Agriculture has a SNAP program that takes care of food stamps and such. The United States spent $33 billion on SNAP in fiscal year 2007 and spending has more than doubled to nearly $69 billion in fiscal year 2011. There you go Jill, there’s my research. 4th largest area our tax dollars are being spent. Is it marginal? Probably.

When you owe 14 Trillion dollars obviously a huge part of our budget is being spent on the interest. The Defense Department is also a huge part of the budget and also probably insane. When I read that Syria’s Gov’t killed 80 of their own people and that the US says they will “work with others around the world to isolate the Assad Gov’t and stand with the Syrian people” I really have to ask why? I don’t even know if this is defense or not but why does the US care so much about Syria? Finally, health and human services is a huge money gobbler. All people deserve healthcare? Yes this is humane but costly. I don’t know enough about Social Security to write anything.

One final thing that really annoys me is when President Obama says this about the debt ceiling “This process has been messy and it’s taken far too long.” I’m not sure if he’s trying to let people know that he doesn’t want Congress thinking about MAJOR economical issues for too long. Seriously, complicated things should take a long time to figure out and writing a blank check isn’t as good an idea as President Obama thinks.

I don’t know jack shit about politics or how the Gov’t works. I’m just a dumb citizen writing about what I read. I have it better off than 95% of the worlds population and have no right to complain about anything. My opinions on political matters are strictly for entertainment purposes and should never be taken seriously. If I were King (I’ve been reading Game of Thrones), I’d probably rule like they do by killing people for the fun of it. I do know that 14 Trillion dollars is a lot of money though and that the US is heading for busto.