I haven’t been updating this because I don’t write when I’m away and I’m not going to write about the same stuff I’ve wrote about previously.

I went to Pitt on Thursday for a long weekend because it was homecoming. I vowed to never go back after the last time I was there. It was my first time going back there in 3 years, so that is about the length of time I needed to clear my head of bad memories. For the people who don’t know why I never want to go back here’s a snapshot. n14214687_32338810_7773
I’ve told the story plenty of times but I was fucked up off of Jack and cokes and started to run down the sidewalk only to trip, face plant into the curb, and then to add insult to injury get a public drunkenness from the pitt police. It cost me 1100 dollars, 2 root canals, and a 350 dollar fine from Pitt. So I went into this trip with my sole purpose to avoid trouble.

I stayed with my brother Jeff and I’m proud to say that he’s holding down the Stortz name. I walk into his apt and there’s a hole in the apt building put there by his roommate who decided to spiderwalk? by putting his hands and feet on both sides of the wall and ended up going through. (I think that’s right). So we get some beer and start drinking. He likes The Office and It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia so we watched them and then went to the bar. I find the two shows to be overrated. I don’t think they are bad but not the best I’ve seen. His roommates were trying to claim 30 rock is a good show but after watching one episode, it’s not. We got some Tequila shots at the bar and I saw some youngin’s who I knew and some old heads I went to school with. Pretty standard night.

Wake up on Friday at 11 or so, drink a beer, have lunch with big Steve where we had 3 pints. Then at 4 it was time to play bball (somewhat drunk). I had my Pitt id so that was easy enough getting in. I ended up losing it so I think that is symbolism for my next return. I want to give Jeff’s roommate Steve some respect for picking me up on his team after we lost and then actually saying I was part of his 5 after other people were looking to play. This seems to me commonplace for people to just pick up the best available players but he showed some loyalty. After bball I showered and had some beers then met up with some people I went to school with. It was pretty standard go to the bar, have some drinks, and bullshit, then go home. Nothing out of line.

Woke up on Sat, bought a case of Winter Lager and stared drinking. Jeff brought out a Hookah and I ate this delicious brownie. After an hour or two, I think the combination of the tobacco from the Hookah and the brownie put me out. It’s a weird thing, I don’t really ever smoke tobacco aside from the occasional cigar but I think I inhale way to much of the smoke and it tends to make me nauseous. So I passed out at 2:30 till about 5 and then woke up and drank a few beers. I watched my friends band play and than shaded back to Oakland to call it a night. I didn’t do anything too retarded the entire trip and then I drove back safely the next day. All in all it was a tame trip. I’m not sure if it was because I’m getting older or I didn’t want to find myself out of control in a city I hadn’t been to in 3 years. I didn’t rail any 19 years olds or get arrested or anything out of ordinary so don’t bother asking.

Some side notes. I had money riding on FSU, Pitt and Miss which were all winners. I went 3-3 on Sunday but my 3 wins were all bigger bets than the 3 losses. And I made 125 on the game last night. This puts me at +65 dollars after 7 weeks of the football season. All in all it’s pretty good for me. Problem is I have hundreds of dollars in my account and the more money that’s in there the bigger the bets get. I’ll keep the gambling situation updated. Also, I joined cardrunners again to try to win in poker. I’ve been on a real ugly downswing since I started 2 months ago and I’m trying to plug some leaks. Once I start to win again I’m sure I’ll write more about it.

I wanted to take this last paragraph and devote it to Jeff. Just to preface, I’m the oldest brother and I set the precedent for everyone below me. This means that they have goals to work towards and know how hard they have to work. Jeff is pretty much a better runner than me. He was 16:21 in a 5k and I was 17:30 something this year plus all his Pr’s are better. He is definitely a better shooter in bball which puts him ahead because we are probably similar in defense in rebounding (he might be a bit soft under the boards and people get terrified when they step in my house of pain). He dominates in GH. (except compared to Sam) I probably can drink more so that would be a good challenge. Although the best part is that he gets just as fucked up as I do so that always leads to entertainment. Basically he’s growing up to be a better me. I’m honored he’s a Stortz and I look forward to many years of debauchery.