I watched the Goonies because I thought it was a movie that I should just know about. There are all kinds of these movies that people talk about and if you’ve never seen them you just feel like a dope. I put the Goonies in this mix just because you hear about it from time to time. Basically this movie is horrendous. What a waste of an hour of a half. The bad guys weren’t. The kids were annoying and the plot was retarded. The fat kid Chunk loves Sloth? How does the Mom give birth to Sloth? Chunk you just met Sloth how can you possibly love him. The whole thing was dumb but most likely because I’m about 10 years older than the target age group.

Californication is nearly the best series on television. Hank acts like a dick and all the girls swoon. He’s got a 23 year old stripper, a beat looking TA and a 40 something milf. Runkle is owning the show and I’m just really entertained with each episode. If you don’t watch this show you really are missing out.

Evan and I bet the over in the Phils game last night which was set at 8.5. I know it’s really sad but I could care less about the Phillies and if I have money on the line I’m rooting for the bet. Rollins saved the bet and got the Phils a W so that was good all around. The thing about the Phillies is that I’m not going to be a bandwagon fa(n)g. I didn’t root for them during the season and I’m certainly not going to start going crazy because they are probably going to the World Series. I’ll enjoy watching the games but I have no rooting interest. People who jump on the Band Wagon are what Holden Caulfield would call phonies. These are the worst types of people and cannot be trusted. If you are behind your team when they blow, then this is your time to cherish. I personally don’t get emotionally attached to sports teams, but that’s just me. I actually find it hard to get emotionally attached to anything because the rollarcoaster to me is not worth it. Flat and boring for me.