I have nothing going on. I haven’t posted in a while but it’s because nothing is happening. I’ve been playing poker and betting on sports unsuccessfully but it’s not enough money to make it really mean anything. It’s basically a form of entertainment that consumes time. I’m reading a John Grisham book and i’m sure that’s news everyone’s dying to know. I have to catch up on Califonication and Dexter, but I’ll that today, so I’ll be caught up on all my shows. I dvr’d St Elmo’s Fire, ET, The goonies, and I still want to get Sling Blade and Apocalypse Now so that will occupy some time. I’m getting lazy in going to the gym and I hate the cold. I’m not in a bad or good mood, just passing the time waiting for something to happen. Obviously I should / could make something happen but as of now I’m content doing nothing. Bad post, I know. Usually Monday’s are my least creative days and I think it shows. I’ll think of something for tomorrow.