We basically put our foot down and said that we are going to catch a fish this year so we took out a charted boat. We woke up at 7:30 to catch a boat by 8 and arrived on time. There were about 20 of us on the boat and our group was Ck4, Jeff, Nicole, and me. After the first 15 minute we knew we were in for an experience. The water from the boat kept coming overboard and splashing us. Considering it was 65 degrees out and none of us had anything more than a T-Shirt, it got cold fast. We arrived at a spot after 20+ minutes and put our lines in. I caught a tiny fish within 5 minutes and that was just a tease. Jeff reeled in a monkey fish which had to be tossed back. Next is started raining and things started turning South. The best word to describe the condition was miserable. Everyone was complaining and it was really cold. After the last stop I reeled in another 3 inch behemoth and that was the end. Miss Avalon did nothing wrong but we certainly didn’t have the time of our lives. Ck4 is still fishless which is really sad considering the amount of effort we’ve put in to catch something.