The Shee and I went golfing yesterday at Pennsauken Country Club. He had off and I left work at about 2:45 to get a round in. We usually don’t cross the bridge to NJ to play these courses so it was a first time for both of us. The rate was 43 dollars which was excessive for a 3:30 tee time on a weekday but w/o a cart was only 25. The course was less then 6,000 yards and relatively short. I would say the condition was one notch above terrible. I really can’t recommend this course to anyone and wouldn’t mind never playing it again. It’s one of those courses that brings you down to its level. I think on one hole I hit from a brown piece sod, mud, a pine cone, and then rock hard dirt. It doesn’t bother me if the course has thick rough as long as it’s grass but I mind hitting out of these other conditions that just make for awkward golf. I finished 96 but even that score is illegitimate because I had two holes where I couldn’t put 2 drives in play and instead of hitting 5 from the tee box, I dropped hitting 5 where my 2nd drive went out. Even with the below average course, the Shee and I had a pretty good time and I’ll try to incorporate some afternoon rounds more often.

If you follow my blog closely you’ll know I said to buy the stock MOBI. I got in at 7 bucks, it ran to 22 dollars, and now is back down to $13.50. The stock is a real roller coaster and I wish I would have jumped off at the 22. Instead I’ve been swinging around a thousands of dollars a day because it’s been dropping 20+% for the last 2 days. At only a 2k investment I’m certainly getting plenty of action. I can also no longer recommend this stock as people are claiming the accounting is funky. They have a conference call today to explain what is going on so hopefully that is some good news. When stocks start swinging like this you wonder what you have gotten yourself into.

In the biggest news of this post, Sirius (another stock I own, has risen above 2) changed their entire music lineup. They think they are doing something great by re-organizing the channels but it is really just complicating my life. Alt-Nation is 36 not 47, the 20 on 20 is now 3 which doesn’t even make sense. This has a major impact on my life and now I’m in the music abyss swapping from station to station hoping to find a good song. I feel like just telling people we are swapping wouldn’t be as good as somehow creating an option of staying with the old lineup.

In less exciting news and I’m not sure why I always have to comment on my breakfast habits, I can’t figure out why I can’t get a fresh bagel each morning. Sometimes its stale and sometimes it’s perfectly fresh. I just want to express my opinion on the importance of quality control and how stale bagels shouldn’t be served to customers. I think I may be doing a disservice to the establishment by not bringing this to managements attention. People and companies constantly benefit from feedback (the way this blog would…) and I feel like I should help. As a customer, I’d also give this one guy, whose name wouldn’t fit in the remaining space, a raise because he is the best employee by far. This should also be noted to management and I’m considering giving him a nice tip to support his good customer service.