The birthday of this blog is May 2nd, 2009. I sort of stumbled on this fact at 11:37 on May 2nd but still I’m writing this entry at the last minute. I want to post a picture of stats of the site and the journey that it’s been. Click on it to see a clearer picture.

Nearly 20,000 visitors over a 2 year period isn’t too shabby. You can see I virtually got no traffic for the first year and half and then I hit a spike, and now I’m dwindling back down to just the people who like to read this blog. I’m sure I’ve developed a couple of occasional readers here and there to go along with my loyal following of lurkers. I still haven’t broke through to the big time but you can see that my posts per month have been dramatically increasing and I hope that I at least provide some form of entertainment. It’s still difficult to drag comments from the shadows but it’s something I will continue to work on in the future. Hopefully this next year will be better than the last and this trend will continue. Any thoughts on which posts you like to read or what you find interesting is always appreciated. I will try to cater to the audiences needs because that’s really who I’m writing for.

Jkash made mention that he liked my older “journal” posts (from the vault) because that was a more honest me then me knowingly creating content for readers. I’m pretty much an open book with this blog and don’t hide very much so I like to think that my honesty is something that you can continue to count on. If people can’t believe what you write or say, you really have no integrity. I just wanted to write this post to give you an idea of what I’m looking at and why I continue to keep this site for nothing other then personal reasons. Thank you all for reading.