This is all verbatim from 3 years ago.

1st entry of the New Year. Spent 3 days in Vegas. Jeff and I got so retarded two nights. Went to the Rhino – strip club – lost phone, spent 700, girls were so hot -no pussy / hookers. Ended up blacking out and walking away with +600. Bought a new phone. Spent New Years at Evan’s, fun time. Laura is being a slut… Lost about 2500 in AC since Vegas. I can’t control alcohol & gambling.

I have pink eye so I only worked 2 hours today. More so a thinking day, like what do I want to do with my life. I feel as if I could be happier doing something else but what? Stocks? Running my own business? The money at this point isn’t as important as being happy. I will think about it. The market sucks by the way.

I really haven’t been betting on sports much. -150 in the past two weeks, mostly because the Rock was there. I have no interest in games unless I have money on them. I certainly have the power to quit.

What is there to accomplish?
What am I trying to do?
What is the purpose?

I’ve been on Earth 24 years. I’m living in a small apt. I’m saving money for what? What am I trying to do? A family? Am I responsible enough? At this point, NO! Not financially and not personally. Drink too much, too aimless with money. It’s time to get your shit together and start making things happen. No more sitting around.

Playing good poker. Only playing like 2 hours a day. +300 in 2 days, running hot. BANKROLL MGMT. Citigroup went up and I bought 195 shares @ 27.52. The stock is volatile. 200 pgs left of Atlas Shrugged. Just did 100 situps and 30 pushups. Trying to do it daily. I will be the biggest beast ever. This is TC’s year. No more careless spending. Let’s build a roll and then buy a house!