Back in 08, I used to hand write a sort of journal. I mostly don’t have the date and I didn’t really use to write entries but I want to get some of these finer thoughts down on Hope you enjoy TC almost 3 years ago. This is not paragraph form and many times I was just writing one statement at a time.

  • If enemy is superior, evade. If angry, irritate. If equal, fight.
  • Love is a fiction created to stop people from jumping out of windows.
  • It’s a bad bargain if nobody gains.
  • A man looks at himself in the abyss, nothing staring back, at that moment a man finds his character, that’s what keeps him out of the abyss. (that’s from Wall Street)
  • Create instead of living off the buying and selling of others
  • The dedication to ones highest potential (Atlas Shrugged)
  • Be the BEST that you can be, Life is more than just work.