Taken verbatim over 3 years ago.
Woke up at 8:30. Excused from Jury Duty. Showered, cleaned, watch the Dow pop 250 points after plummeting 300 yesterday. Sold intal at 27.50 after buying yesterday at 26.95. Got to work about 10:30. Normal day at work. Went to the gym, lifted a little, then ran 4 miles in 23:57. After that I watched Cramer, market finished +50 for the Dow. Cramer says tech in in, expect a recession. Went shopping for Holiday presents, came back, lost 130 on Orlando vs Milwaukee. Started reading Atlas Shrugged. Dan Patrick is on late night, awesome show.

I feel like a beast physically, strongest I’ve ever been. I feel like something is missing in my life. Some substance. What is it all for? Work all your life for what? Socially I’m not satisfied either. All I do is get too drunk and pass out, then feel lousy for the weekend. It’s hard to get excited for tomorrow when tomorrow is just a routine like many days before. I’m far from depressed because I’m so grateful for what I have. Internet is down, what a difficult place w/o the net.

Didn’t write over the weekend. Probably will be the trend. Bought 400 shares of palm at 5.50, earnings tomorrow. EMC down to 18.5, -175. Market has been getting killed. Probably a good buying opportunity. Went to court today. Larry got me out of the public intoxication with a 175 and a 3 hour lecture, it’s a relief. Business is in the year end process, made about ?? this year, a lot for being 24. Time to stop gambling my loot, haven’t bet since last Thursday. Weekend was pretty funny, still reading Atlas Shrugged. Going to Vegas with the fam on Fri. Should be entertaining to say the least. Didn’t run today because of shin splints (pussy). Still need some Christmas presents. Not a big deal, I’ll get them.

Woke up at 5:30 since I went to sleep at 8:30 last night. Earnings for Palm came out today. Stock was up 5%, bad earnings dropped 11%. I should have a stop loss, poor investing mistake. I have to learn from it. Reading Atlas a lot, still good bout pg 350. Work is winding down, next year I vow to make more profitable. Weak workout at gym. 19:30 to run 3 miles. Felt slightly sick with shin splints. Hot girl at gym I see a lot. Probably should start a convo. Looking at houses in Hills top in Manayunk, East Falls. Tomorrow is another day, it’s only money. Still haven’t gambled.