Ck4, the Shee and I played golf yesterday at Pinecrest in Lansdale and the Shee came up with the clever name of Tooter McGavin because he points out that I like to make sure everyone is aware when I hit a good drive or make a nice shot. Basically, tooting my own horn. For my first real round I played pretty well shooting a 92 at a reasonably nice course. I think I had about 8 pars so that should show that I had quite a few doubles and triples that with some better course management, can hopefully become bogeys. My ugly sand game cost me a few strokes. Also on the back nine my driver got out of control which obviously hurt a bit but I made up for that with my iron play which was the best I ever hit the ball contact and accuracy wise. I thought the round was absolutely perfect though because we went off at 1:30 and finished at 5:00 pm. This paragraph wouldn’t be complete without me mentioning CK4 driving the par 4, 8th green and still only getting a par.

The rest of my weekend was pretty normal. I worked out both days which is something that I don’t usually do. Jeff and I went to Harrah’s on Friday night to play poker and after 8 hours I was up 80 bucks or so and then ended up doubling some guy up for 300 with a read that I thought was dead on but proved to be costly. That put me down 220 on the session for my first ever losing session at Harrah’s. I had brunch with my family, Brookes and the Schmidt’s on Sunday which went well. My only complaint was the Scoogi’s brunch tends to pack em in like sardines which made for a lot of pulling your chair in to let people scoot by. The food was decent though and the conversation didn’t find too many awkward pauses.

I really have no religious beliefs so Easter brunch is really just Sunday brunch for me. Last week we were watching a documentary on lions and it showed a pride of lions feeding on a wildebeast. The wildebeast was alive as the lions bit and tore at its flesh and Gusto asked the question how can there be a god to let this happen this way? I sort of agreed because being eaten alive is such a nasty, harsh feeling that if God really did exist he has a sick and twisted mentality for how the life cycle should take place. This also got me thinking of how everything started if there was no supreme being and I can’t even come up with a theory. The big bang is nice and all but what was before the big bang? Just nothingness? Just saying the big bang starts everything doesn’t really make sense to me. There are just a lot of questions when I consider this topic. It also sort of makes me feel pretty little and irrelevant when you think of how much time has gone by in the universe.

I want to take this paragraph real quick to point out that when I recommended MOBI at 8 dollars or so, it is up to 16+. Just to keep a track record, I also think that ENTR (Entropic) is going to jump tomorrow. It is opening at 8.35 today and earnings are tomorrow. I’m reading the annual report right now and I really think that this company will continue moving up. A good way to describe what they do is “multi room dvr.” Meaning you can stop the programming in one room and watch it in another. They have deals with all the major TV providers and even though the stock has gone from $2.00 to $13.00 back to $8.35, I think this stock will get back to the 13 dollar level. I’m specifically considering an option purchase today to go with the volatility of earnings tomorrow.

Life is good though and my ankle has almost gotten fully healed. I ran another 3 miles yesterday and felt ok. I noticed it a bit on the golf course as well but nothing to bothersome. I think that this will be a pretty good week and I’m looking forward to some nicer weather. I didn’t get a chance to watch Game of Thrones and Treme last night on HBO so I will do that tonight to kill some time. Game of Thrones has held my interest through one episode and I anticipate good things. Treme was pretty average for season 1 but David Simon created the Wire and it’s hard to imagine him making a bad show. Should be a good week though and I will keep this blog updated.