I thought that last two posts I wrote were pretty good so it pains me to bury them under this mediocre post but I’ve just been firing them out today. Today is Good Friday and I was cracking up when people on the work phone would say “have a Good Friday” and I’d respond with “yeah today has been a pretty good Friday hasn’t it.” If you couldn’t tell I really have no religious beliefs and will share a religious post in the near future but not now.

Something hilarious that happened to me was that I bought my Broad Street Run admittance back in January and since I broke may ankle 6 weeks ago, I am unable to run it. So instead of getting burned with the bib number, I put a listing on Craigs list that I have a bib I’m looking to sell. Well if I knew that this was a golden opportunity to meet girls, I would have bought 5 bibs. I wrote on my listing that I’m looking for someone who is healthy to take my spot because it’s a risk to just sell someone your bib because if something happens to the person and it’s not the person on the bib, then I could technically get banned for life from the race. So I’ve been getting emails from girls who are like 24/f, I’m interested in buying your bib. Not only do I get to meet random girls but then I get to impress them by giving them my bib which is in the first corral. I wish I would have been more prepared because I pretty much just sold it to the first person I thought would be interested. So now I have a face to face with a 24 year old from Villanova to exchange tickets.

Softball tomorrow alongside with golf at some other time should make for a activity filled weekend. I will keep the readers updated as the weekend progresses.