Here are some things that annoy me.

I went running down Kelly Drive yesterday and the amount of people who wear the Philadelphia distance run shirts amazes me. I do not believe in free shirts. What do I mean by this? I’ll wear free shirts from time to time if I don’t mind promoting the company (beer, athletics, work related, etc) but I refuse to let myself be a walking advertisement for some company I could give two shits about. I only wear the free shirt if I like the cause and not because a shirts a shirt. Anyway, people who wear the distance run shirt when they run are screaming one thing. “I’m in terrible shape because I’m fat and lazy but if I wear last year’s shirt saying I completed the run, then people will think higher of me.” This really shouldn’t bother me but let me explain. The distance run shirt is just a regular cotton shirt. People go out of their way to pick this particular shirt. There is a thought process behind the act of picking this shirt which bothers me. So to sum it up, you lose all credibility to me when you wear this shirt and your thoughts mean nothing to me.

I don’t like when companies make bottles where the hole is too big. An example is I bought a some body wash at CVS. It was 2 dollars and even thought I usually only buy old spice I go for a deal if it’s too good to pass up. I would use other body washes but I used Ax one time and it made me break out in hives which kind of freaked me out. Back to the topic, every time I try to use this 2 dollar bottle of off brand shit it comes pouring out. I give this bottle a tiny squeeze and I get enough body wash to last a month. I get it to. The fucking manufacturers are sitting behind their giant mahogany desks figuring out ways to bend over the customers and they come up with this brilliant idea to make the substance fly out of the bottle so it gets used quicker and the person has to buy more faster. Same logic applies behind the rinse, wash, repeat. Are those steps really necessary? No Fucking Way.

This one doesn’t bother me so much as it’s an observance. My dad reads a lot of books on improving oneself. So whatever he’s reading he preaches while he’s reading the book. His latest book is called Excuses Begone. I haven’t read the book but I assume it says that an individual can accomplish anything as long as they are persistent and want to succeed. So now at work whenever any problem or situation comes up there aren’t any excuses for if it doesn’t get done. He actually hasn’t finished the book but there will be more to come.

I started reading Tucker Max and all I can say that it’s refreshing to have people get as drunk as I like to get. “If you were drunk and you don’t remember doing it, it didn’t happen.” I haven’t finished it yet but it’s a quick read and I’ll give a better review when I’m done over the weekend. The 5-roper is something I’ll be adding to my vernacular. Is that word used right? What if I was like my dad and I practiced what I read in my book… I’ll keep this updated.