For some reason I get a kick out of watching movies from 20 years ago that people claim are good movies. Movies like Sixteen Candles, the Breakfast Club, and Say Anything come to mind. These aren’t flashy movies but every time I watch one I always think “wow”, movies in the 80’s are so much better than movies today. This is a plain jane movie about an out of town kid who brings “dancing” to a straight shooting small town. I finally can appreciate Bret’s dance from Flight of the Conchords (below). 80’s movies had plots with meaning. The soundtrack actually made me like the song Hurt’s So Good by John Mellancamp. Plus any movie with Foreigner songs is OK by me. Kevin Bacon uses a ridiculous jump kick straight out of a Jackie Chan movie. The fight scene is absurd but that’s what makes it awesome. When I think of the movies today like Transformers and GI Joe, I just can’t find any reason to watch these. A bodacious plot, ridiculous explosions, wild effects, all just to keep kids with ADD entertained. There’s no substance. Whereas I just watched Chris Penn learn how to dance and how to play chicken in a tractor. I’m aware that I’m coming off like a complete faggot saying I thought Footloose is a better movie than practically any new movie I’ve seen in a while but there’s just something in my brain that says, “you just watched a good movie.”

On a side note I also watched Burn After Reading and Role Models. Now I know these aren’t even in the same genre as Footloose but I’ll give my opinion anyhow. Burn After Reading is an OK movie, two star at best. The characters are well acted and the story runs together nicely but there’s no real connection to any of the characters. It’s not like you want Ren to open up Rev Shaw’s thinking. I’m asking myself throughout the movie “am I being entertained?” If I have to ask the question, most likely I’m not. John Malkovich was a good actor in the movie however. It’s like “what is going to happen next?” I don’t really care.

Role Models had some good lines. I actually like Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott. I can tolerate both of them. Rudd’s dryness is comical and well played. Stiffler’s over the top comedy I still find funny. Ronnie or whatever the kids name was was funny too. The plot is stupid as to be expected and there is no point whatsoever where you are like “this is a good movie.” Funny and entertaining, but not a good movie. Movies like this can never get more than 2 stars, 1 star most likely.