I haven’t wrote anything because I’ve been recovering from one of my worst weekends in a while. It literally took 4 full days before I felt like myself again. Basically, I can’t control my binge drinking and I pretty much make out of control decisions at my elderly age of 25. I’ve considered going cold turkey from booze completely but that’s a bit extreme. Nevertheless I have to do something to combat this weekly occurrence of stupidity. I’m not going into it either cause it’s hurts to think about.

I read an article in the Journal today that said avg SAT scores dropped by a point or so. Basically white kids do the best in critical reading and Asians are the best at math and writing. Whites and Asians are top two in all categories followed by hispanics in third and blacks in last (native Americans were in there somewhere too). No point really just an FYI.

I also constantly read about Obama and the dems and their health care program. Just to make this clear to everyone who voted for Obama without knowing why you were voting for him. You voted for someone who wants to take from the 85% of the population who works, and give to the 15% of people who don’t work. Also if you haven’t seen the news, we are going to have a 10 trillion dollar deficit by 2019 if we continue spending as is. I cannot predict what this will do to our current situation but I know it’s better to be owed then to owe. I expect higher interest rates and rampant inflation in the near future. Also for all the people who voted for Obama because he wasn’t going to raise taxes on people making under 250,000. Think again, we will see this in the near term, mark my word. Just another campaign marked with empty promises to deceive the stupid American public.