The first line of my last post was saying that I do this blog out of the kindness of my heart and I absolutely do. This blog has generated $3.36 over the past 2 years. Not only do I pay for hosting of this site, but I also pay for my brothers site as well. He’d offer to give me money but I wouldn’t accept it. So I got my bill today for hosting another 2 years and it’s 8 bucks a month x 24 months with some other miscellaneous charges totaling 200 bucks or so. So when I pay this bill I realize that this is the reason not everyone maintains a blog. Basically, you have to put forth effort for 2 continuous years, receive no money, and be happy with the result. Sure there are free sites that host blogging but they can’t be taken seriously. You have to buy your own domain name to make it legit.

Am I complaining about this bill? Absolutely not. I’m well aware that I most likely won’t receive any compensation for this effort. Am I complaining that I have to pay another 20 bucks for going over my data plan for those video’s I posted yesterday without even thinking that was happening. Nope. I’m just going to pay the bill and 10-50 years down the road I’m going to know that this was the best investment I’ve ever made in my entire life. To have documentation of all the events of your life for years and years is something that no one can put a price on. Hell, I’d probably pay 1,000 bucks a year for this service. There is no price tag that I could put on this experience. My viewership has climbed over the past two years and I’m hoping that it continues to climb in the future.

The only part of this that makes it unrewarding is the lack of comments. It’s hard to say how many people are actually reading this because half the people that come to the site bounce anyway. But spending time creating posts, having people read them, and then 90% of the posts have 0 comments makes it seem like a waste of time. Even if you read the post and you completely disagree or you think the post sucks, even saying that makes me feel like it’s worth it. Maintaining a blog without feedback makes you fee like a used prostitute, except what I”m doing is actually free, actually it costs me money. So this is hardly a call out and asking for more comments but just know that any comment is essentially paying me for my service. I will try to keep this ad free for as long as possible.

On a life related note, I went to the Dr and he said my ankle was OK and I don’t need the crutches and can get around with the boot or even just my shoe. The Doc is funny because he’s an older guy who acts like each time I see him is my first time. He hasn’t done a thing to the ankle other then letting it heal on it’s on, prety cush job if you ask me. So after hearing that good news I went to get a haircut, then I went to Sam’s club for food shopping, then I even went to the gym where I did 10 minutes on the elliptical. Jeff says the elliptical is mostly for pregnant women and I agree but it’s the only thing I can do. The posture the machine makes you take is really bizarre and bothersome but I’m hoping to start going to the gym twice a day and getting myself back into shape now that I actually can again. My strength was down a little bit at the gym and my weight came in at 172 which was on the low side for me but I was just happy to be back. Life is good Ladies and Germs and I hope to move back into my normal lifestyle in the near term. The only goal I have set is to do the Broad Street the first week of May. I know this is pretty lofty but after 24 days I’m able to almost walk normally and with the help of the elliptical, hopefully I will be in good enough shape to do the 10 miles successfully. I know you’re thinking how can someone fracture their ankle and then run a 10 mile run 2 months later but how easily forget this isn’t a normal human being your dealing with, I’m TC motherfucking Stortz.