I want to start this post with letting everyone know that I did this out of the goodness of my heart and not because I wanted to. I could have taken the footage and left it on my phone but I went out of my way to upload everything to YouTube and then post it on my blog so we can look back at these days and laugh. I also want to give my phone the Droid X mad props for how good this footage is. If this doesn’t make you want to get a Droid X over any other phone out there, I don’t know what will.

In this video you’ll notice Jka$h wave his arm in the air demanding the ball for a clear look at a 3. I think a bug must of flown in his eye or something.

A corner 3 by Evan barely catches iron and a Bake tip keeps the ball alive where Jeff finishes for a strong put back.

Evan with his notorious pump fake gets the defender in the air, he then proceeds to drive to the hole and find Bake with a hook shot pass that no one in the gym saw coming.

JKa$h runs the break and finds a streaking Casey who I told ahead of time to throw one down, instead puts in an easy bucket.

On a play where the team uses 4 passes to find an open man and actually makes it look they know what their doing, SharpShooting Schmidt knocks down a trey.

Bake takes on two defenders that part like the Red Sea for the easy lay up.

Just a few notes on the game. The other team was god awful and picked up a player who was hanging around the gym for their 5th. They also had a 40 year old balding man and another one who was starting to gray. Footage where baskets are being made like this probably isn’t the norm. I wasn’t even planning to do anything like this but once I started taking some film, the footage was so good that I had to post it up here. Also, I know the footage I took of JKa$h making it rain got corrupted so I couldn’t post that (thanks Sharon). Also I’m sure CK4 is probably pissed I don’t have anything of him but I only have one shot of him missing a 3 and I tried to send it to my email 5 times and couldn’t get it to go properly. If it comes through, I’ll post it up.