First ever guest entry here.

I’m going to say that I almost took JSmashes critiques as a complement. First he’s telling me he gets this website and then almost goes out of his way to say he likes it! Exclamation point, no homo. He said he tried to send the entry to me on Monday but my mail server blocked his gmail and he resent it today. He also pointed out it was ironic I was asking for guest material as he already thought he sent it in. This is how big things get started. We can quote the famous line from Wedding Crashers “people helping people.” One person can’t do it all and the more material the higher the success rate. And just to respond to me “getting cocky” by creating the other website because people love all my spew. Absolutely 100% agree. Nobody can resist my spew, especially the ladies.

Off topic but related to my life. I took 7th place in a 900 person tourny last night and cashed for 400+ bucks. First place was 2k and my AT < Q9 to send me off in 7th. Play to win. These results aren't a fluke and this is my 4th deep run in a big tourny in the last 2 weeks and hopefully I will bring one down for a nice score in near time. When I do I am going to spend large sums of money on objects with no value and have the time of my life doing it. I will let you know when this happens and everyone can join in. Til then.