That’s a picture of the swelling that a broken ankle will do to you. Here’s a post describing the ER experience. Safe to say I’m out for any type of athletics for the next 6 weeks, most likely 3+ months. I received some texts and emails asking why I’m slacking on my posts and the easy answer is that handicapped people tend to do things slower. This whole process is pretty much a nightmare as it slows me down considerably at work and any type of cardio exercise is not happening. Meaning my Broad Street run is out the window which really sucks. It also means over these next 6 months I’m probably going to get fat due to lack of exercise which is going to make me have to eat healthier to compensate.

The one thing I’ve noticed is that random people take pity for a cripple. Everyone always tries to move out of the way or they say excuse me. I’ve never received this kind of treatment in my entire life. I also notice that people say it can be a good time to gather your thoughts and think about things but I have to admit I can tell I’m going to get bored and this is only day 3. I have a meeting with a specialist tomorrow who can shed further light on the situation like what to expect in the future. The reality is that I should be able to come up with more blog posts then ever due to lack of things to do. I went to work today for 3 hours or so and just the moving around and the constant action was agitating my ankle so I know that I have to cut back on that in the future. This pretty much eliminates all activities for me for a while but I’m going to hope to turn this into a positive and maybe fix a few things in my life. Aside for devoting more time to my blog I also get the chance to catch up on reading which I’m going to look forward to. I apologize to anybody who interacts with me for athletics or social events because I’m pretty much going to be living in a cave moving forward.

A few things that bother me from the micro perspective. The crutches smell like hospital which means every time I have to go somewhere I have this smell lingering and then I have to wash my hands and that starts to dry them out because they are getting washed so much. Also showering is nearly impossible because I can’t get this splint wet. With that being said I haven’t showered since Sunday night. I’m actually going home to take a bath which really disgusts me but I don’t have any other choices. I can’t wear jeans properly because they don’t fit over the splint so I’m forced to wear these nylon pants which makes me feel like I’m supposed to be exercising non-stop. Even the little things like hopping around gets bothersome because using the crutches for every movement isn’t fun either. Just finding places to put the crutches is difficult because they have such bad balance and they insta-fall and since they are like 5 ft tall they start hitting anything in the area. This experience will certainly make me appreciate having two legs to a further extent.