This is the last time I’m going to write it but google doesn’t care about personal posts and they will drive 0 traffic to your website. More proof is that now traffic is finding my blog by searching for Tatyana Ali. I made one post months ago about Tatyana Ali, have one picture and a minor description, and now google sends people to my blog because of it. In one sense I feel slighted because that Ashley Banks shouldn’t be the driver of my traffic but on the other hand I suppose to purpose of a blog is to get as many people to read it. That being said I’ve continued to spike traffic and hit new daily highs almost daily. This is why I write I create Charlie Sheen posts because that’s what people type into google and if I make outrageous claims like he’s on drugs (I think he is despite any test data) maybe google will reward me. I’m pretty much at the mercy of google and what I’ve considered it hiring someone who knows how to run a successful AdSense campaign and see if I can turn this into supplemental income. With all that going on with the blog, I’m going to spend some time and actually write about a few things that are transpiring in my life (that google doesn’t care about).

Work is finally picking up a bit with March arriving and the weather getting nicer. Usually the winter months aren’t our best so the time of relaxation and thinking moves to getting out on the road, hitting the phone, and making sales. With this coming up on my 6th year with the family business, I’ve grown into the role pretty well and understand our entire line enough to sell it with purpose instead of a kid out of college who doesn’t know jack. It’s difficult to be good at something if you don’t have a passion for it and even though I don’t necessarily have a passion, I understand it enough to make sales which in turn is a passion, making money.

I read my brother “vent” post about online poker and I have a few thoughts regarding a cold spell. Skip this section if you have no interest. I know it feels like a few bad beats in a couple of games makes the game “cheat” but it’s really too small of a sample size to make any claims like cash out curse or letting the bad players win. You really have to focus on are you being the best poker player possible? To have routine answers to questions like is KJ strong enough to push from UTG at a 5 person table with 7 bb’s left or is this call a good call considering ICM calculations? If you don’t know what ICM calculations are or don’t use a HUD, I strongly doubt you are going to be a long term winner. The competition out there is too good now a days to be able to beat the rake because you have a basic idea of how to play. Don’t forget this is coming from a player who has terrible bankroll mgmt, loses focus and goes on tilt just as much as you do which prevents me from ever really breaking through. I get frustrated the same way you do but a serious evaluation of your game is needed before any real strides are made. You need to study the game, put in tons of hours of playing, and then decide whether the game is cheating you.

I sponsored Brian Lockard’s half marathon which donates to the Boomer Esiason foundation and it is one of the first times I’ve given more then a dollar to anything of “charity.” It was only 20 bucks but after taking Bake’s advice of giving back, hopefully this is a step in the right direction and will bring some good karma. I’m going to do a 5k that is sponsored by Kildares sometime in April and might even do an out an back with my Mom and Jeff. I did 3 miles on the treadmill today at 17:43 which I think will correlate to a 18:00 minute real 3 mile time. I’m in good shape but far away from Broadstreet shape where I hope to go under 60 minutes. I’ve failed the past two years but I think I know what it takes this year and with it being a full two months away and the weather getting nicer, I think I’ve build a good foundation from winter training to go after it with some longer runs.