For anyone who doesn’t care for reading about porn just don’t read this section because I’m gonna give an in depth analysis on why this site is the best site out there. Yes I’m completely pathetic for choosing this topic but considering that the primary function of the internet is mainly used for porn, this post should be a traffic driver. If you never use the internet for porn because you have a significant other or just don’t believe in it, then you are a better person then me but considering these video’s get hundreds of thousands of views, I’m sure I’m not alone. On to why I like this site over the countless others.

First and foremost, it’s free. I don’t want to have to pay for porn. It makes me feel sleazy enough watching it for free that paying for it just slides you up a level of creepiness. Now the paysites have higher quality videos but probably cost 30 bucks a month which really isn’t much of a cost but that can be completely skipped over because of Spankwire. Not to mention that Spankwire gets some of these videos that pay sites offer anyway.

So there are tons and tons of these type of sites out there, why do I like this one? They have one pop up when you initially click a video which you shut down and that’s it, no more pop ups. Some of these sites have these live video girls come up and start talking and they are usually skanky hoes and it’s just completely distracting from the business at hand (see what I did there). Also almost all the links work and they don’t take you off to some associate site. The next thing is the videos are pretty good quality and the girls are hot. They give you a top rated section which you can click and it sorts it by user ratings. Surprisingly the rating systems works great and the better looking chicks get sent to the top and are easy to find. So I don’t have to sift through tons of videos to find good ones. When I watch porn I don’t want to watch some sloppy whore with a gut and small boobs. I want a fantasy blonde model with a size 0 waist and some double D’s. Spankwire literally has thousands and thousands of videos in their database so it never gets old. I’m just not into watching porn if the girl isn’t at least an 8 or she makes up for it with dirty talk or a huge rack. Some examples of girls that I think are the best, Madison Ivy after her boob job, Catalina Cruz, and 90’s Jenna and early 2000 but not her late years (the porn was worse quality back then but she is just so super hot).

Some annoying things are that there is so much freaking Hentai. I’ve seen this a few times but I just feel that once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. I’m not sure if people like the story lines or what but for some unknown reason these clips get all the top ratings. The other type of video that gets all the highest marks is this massage room with this one douchebag who has literally banged hundreds of banging girls and he’s just such a fucking weasel that I can’t stand the clips. Other then that though it’s hard to not find something you like.

The MAIN reason this site is better is because they have full clips and not 3 minute trailers. There is something about the full clip that I like watching it from the beginning to see how the storyline develops. Sort of the fun. Other sites don’t have this feature or the quality of girls. There it is from start to finish my detailed analysis of the best porn site on the web.