Team Baker moved to 3-0 after a hard fought win on Tuesday night. We played the team that we beat in the first round of the playoffs in the fall league. They beat us in the regular season when they had one of their better players but we won when he was absent, he was there on Tuesday. We played really well as a team and even though I don’t think they game ever got further than 7 points, I don’t think we ever lost the lead. Our offense was carried mostly by our best weapons in Bake and Ck4 but everyone contributed. We were up by 7 or so at halftime and ended up winning by 7. Play of the game goes to Casey who got burned by his man on D with a minute 30 left and we were up by 3 or so, I picked up his man and he was going hard to the basket. I didn’t want to foul so I did my best to contest but as the ball went up Casey jumped out of the building and pinned the ball against the backboard. We recovered the ball, went up two possessions and won the game. We move to a combined 6-0 in both leagues and are playing the best basketball as a unit since we started. I know most don’t really care about bball but I figure I’ll make a post.