So I had a Suri Cruise experience with Kacey Jordan and Howard Stern and had about 30+ people coming from search engines yesterday. What I can’t figure out is that they all just bounce immediately after they click. Like they search for that specific topic, find a site writing about it, and then decide the information is irrelevant and click off. How can I develop traffic if people find what they are looking for and don’t even give it a chance. One thing is obviously evident though, write about juicy current events, put a title that nails some keywords and google will sent people your way. How to get them to stay is a different story. I think I probably need something really unique that no one else has like nude pics of a celeb. Rather than sell the pics, I would just post them on my blog and start making it big that way. Now considering I’ve never used a professional camera and have no interest in stalking celebs, this isn’t a feasible approach. However I do find it interesting that being current is what will get google to drive traffic. So more posts on current events might start creeping up.

A hilarious thing happened to me at the basketball game on Tuesday. When I was sitting on the bench early on I glanced behind me and saw this kid sitting on the bleachers behind us. He only barely caught my eye but I didn’t recognize who it was. After a few minutes and a timeout was called and I noticed it was Jordan Cohen. I haven’t seen him since the summer and it’s not even that he’s changed that much but I just completely spaced. I throw it up to puberty but I was honestly guessing when I was like “Jordan”? The Rock said something to me that I pretty much never forget, he said “I don’t ever really notice me aging because I’m always looking at myself on a daily basis.” I’ve never really noticed myself aging either. At 27 I feel like I look the same as I did when I was 18. I’ve gained about 40 pounds of muscle but facially I can’t tell that much of a difference. I can grow better facial hair now and have a scar on my lip but no funky hairstyles or any major differences. I wonder what age it will be when I look at the mirror and say “Shit, I’m old.” I easily think I pass for 23 but when I turn, 30 I guess I have to hope I pass for 27. I think this is such an advantage that guys have over girls. When I’m creeping on Facebook and see some college girls I can tell instantly that these girls are young. With me being 27, I notice the age difference in a 19 year old college girl. But I would wonder if a 19 year old would look at me and think I could pass as a college senior. I think as long as you stay in good physical shape, you will benefit from this aging process.