“Hey Nick.”

“My name is Josh.”

There isn’t much more embarrassing then swinging for the fences on a name guess and missing. It’s even worse when you’ve met the person before, sent about 10 emails back and forth, and know you should know their name. It makes the other person feel small and makes me look like an idiot. I’m not going to lie though, I do a decent job socializing and I know that remembering names is important. However, when you start compiling hundreds of names of people who you know you should know, it gets tough. There will be times when I’ll see someone and a name flashes into my head and there is only a split second to decide if I’m going to go for it or not. I bat about 83%, don’t say anything 15%, and whiff the rest.

Not getting out of the woods yet, I wrote a blog post called “7 Principals In Life” and sent it to our account manager to see what he thought. His response was, “I should also note in this case it should be “Principle” vs. “Principal”.” Goddammit. How bad can I look? People are supposed to think I know what I’m doing and I make myself look like a dipshit time and time again.

The great thing about life is that unlike Seth in Superbad (People Don’t Forget!), everyone forgets. There are obviously levels of what to remember, but I think I’ll survive on these misses.