My job, and life, has become creating content. 9 years and 2,945 posts later from, I create information for my job. There is a formula that works and it’s come up with an attractive sales pitch, create an enticing webpage for said sales pitch, create an email to a targeted audience…then watch the money roll in.

Who would have thought that 9 years after the creation of a personal website on WordPress it would be my entire life. I’m essentially doing for 3 other people right now utilizing that exact formula. Am I an expert in WordPress? I don’t think so. I can create posts and spread info but nothing I do would be considered cutting edge. Who could have predicted that disseminating information through a website would be a way to make a living. By that I mean that anyone over the age of 40 most likely has to rely on a younger person to do this work. I’m sure in Silicon Valley I’m in the stone age. Yet for what I’m involved in, people rely on me to do this work and to create email blasts. Then it comes down to how well you can delivery a message to your audience which…delivers.

Round and Round We Go

Take Barstool for instance. Their Instagram gets a million views. Posts they put out get 20-100 comments each days. They are a company that only produces content to entertain. What do they offer? Rough and Rowdy Rednecks? Pres eating pizza? It’s mindless drivel. People want it though because their life sucks and the majority of the population is bored. Fucking WordPress. Or Devnet. Whatever they use.

I post mainly because my skills in life are not specialized. I’m a jack of all trades in business. I can talk to people on the phone. Deliver on what I say I’m going to do. See potential in certain sales. But am I good at any one skill? No. Being able to use WordPress, any monkey to learn. Where is the value?