I don’t believe in psychics. The idea of people being able to predict what is going to happen to you is nonsense. If what they knew was so valuable, they would use it on themselves.

I am a believer in people’s brains being able to communicate with unspoken word. When two people start singing the same part of the same song at the same time. When you get a phone call from someone who you were just thinking about. It’s hard to explain because it doesn’t happen often but I had the oddest example happen to me today.

I was shipping a package and when the weather gets cold, the tape doesn’t stick right. So I started thinking about our packaging, and I thought about our boxes, and it struck me that the box salesman hadn’t contacted us in a while. Then I thought that it must be pretty boring being a box salesman, but it synced up with his personality. I couldn’t remember the last time we placed an order for boxes. I knew it was a while and he’d be following up shortly. Lo and behold, I got an email today at 3:38pm today from the box guy.

Now this could simply be that he was alerted in his CRM to contact us. Most likely that’s what it was. It’s unbelievable to me that box man would contact me on the same exact day I thought about him. Probably haven’t thought about our box situation, or him, in 4 months and the day I do, he contacts. Unreal.

This scenario also came hand in hand with the crossword puzzle I did today was asking for ESP as the answer. I couldn’t remember if it was ESP or EPS and then I remember the Mean Girls joke was ESPN which confused me more because why would you just add an N to something that was already right? Should I be expecting a call from Amanda Seyfried? Let’s cross our fingers.