We played are 2nd game in the Ambler BBall league last night and came out with another W against a pretty decent team. With Ck4 back in the lineup we had a little extra offense compared to last week. Bake carried us in the first half hitting shots from all over and Ck4 (who keeps exact stats) had 20 in the 2nd half. We were up 18 or so at one point and ended up winning by double digits. Their team had 3 decent players and then a bunch of role players but just didn’t have enough fire power to beat a team where everyone on the court knew what they were doing. It was definitely a good team victory and gives us a bit of momentum moving into the next game. At the foul line I managed to airball the first shot, short and left, and then not catch iron on the second. It was really embarrassing. Honestly though, after airballing the first shot, it’s hard to have a whole lot of confidence about the second.

The snow is coming down now and it’s going to make it difficult to head into work. It’s just not worth the risk of getting stuck, especially if we are going to be getting more this afternoon. To quote Ck4 and his weather geeks, it seems to me that the weathermen are always “out to lunch.” Where are the people who are letting you know that it’s going to be coming down as hard as it is at 7am. I read late Wednesday evening. Anyway, it gives me some time to think about my next site project. I worry that it might be hard to maintain two sites but I don’t have too much extra going on. The to and too is so annoying. Every time it’s also, I think too. If it’s I’m going to do something, it’s to. So if you see me doing it wrong, point it out. Like is there a comma after wrong there?