I’m not a total moron and when I write the post about the books I just read, I’m well aware that in such a small audience, most people probably have no interest in reading that type of post. I’d actually be surprised if you read the post and had no idea what the books were about. That would just be weird. My basic idea is that this site avg’s about 30-40 people a day depending on the day and if say maybe 2 people have read those books, it’s relevant to them. So for my site I create posts that maybe <5% of the people who read care about. What I'm doing is describing why a personal blog, at least mine, isn't going to get any significant traffic. I'd have to find a theme and then concentrate on one area and generate traffic from a specific group of people. My plan in the next week or so is to buy another domain name and basically start a new website with the aforementioned idea. I haven't really given this idea too much thought but I think it might be something fun to do and maybe even give me some direction. I'll try to pick something that is constructive and hopefully entertaining to the select crowd. I think I just have to come to grips that rnningfool.com isn't really going to get me anywhere.

This thought process sort of stemmed from Laura telling me that my life isn’t that much more entertaining then most and widespread attention isn’t going to happen. It isn’t even the attention I’m looking for but just the fact that if you create something and it generates interest from people, that’s fine by me. I know that is pretty much what attention is but I have no desire to be famous, just to have people who care about information provided. I completely understand too because when I put myself in the readers shoes, why on Earth would I want to read a blog about some random person and the life they lead. They must have something seriously unique with them to maintain a blog that random people would want to read. So unless you personally know me, you aren’t going to spend your time on my site. I, unfortunately, am pretty normal aside from my ability to get way too hammered and do stupid stuff. I’m not really going to change anything in the way I write this blog and will continue to do so. I know the title is misleading but when I started writing this I meant for it to be about the last post I wrote below. Nothing will be different and I will keep rnningfool.com viewers updated with anything I do.