When you’re on the roller coaster of life, you expect the ups and downs. This was a down week.

I’ll start with what wasn’t horrible and my continuing effort to make $200 last 16 weeks. I brought myself almost back to even in my sports betting. CFB is absolutely killing me week after week. Adam, now the 5 and 0 man betting baseball, should get some credit for keeping me alive with these World Series bets. I didn’t listen to him on game 1 if you were wondering. I want to add that I watched a Periscope with Warren Sharp and Evan Silva last night and they were where I got the Seahawks and Chargers picks. It was neat to hear his analysis and how good the Pats are at “mortar kicks” and how bad the Chargers were on 3rd down and their mystery use of Hunter Henry. Up to 76 bets though, so I’m hanging with the juice.

My season long fantasy week was saved by a Harrison Butker barrage last night to eek 1 game out by .1. I still went 1-3 though and am still shaking my head over Rock’s comeback. Note to fantasy players, it doesn’t matter if the projection %’s say 99% – 1%, you can still lose. How? When Yahoo! has a projection at 5, and the guy goes for 30, that % means jack shit. If you couldn’t guess, that player was JuJu Smith-Schuster. It also didn’t help when Nuk exploded in the 2nd half and Jimmy Graham scored 2 second half TD’s to basically turn my 99% to a loser in a matter of hours. 2 leagues I sit at 3-5, 1 at 4-4, and the other at 5-3. Looking to make the playoff push.

After my DFS success, I followed it up with no movement last week and -$230 this week. I upped my buy ins and reduced the tournaments in a go big or go home push. I went home. Total whiff on the Texans and I wasn’t on LeSean.