I had someone text this to me yesterday:

If you watched the game last night, you’d know the home team mopped up. Today I feel like a genius. Why?

I had no inkling at all on this game and said I like the home team. I didn’t consider the injuries, the players, any trends, or what type of game was going to be played and I won. It wasn’t well thought out. Yet some reason I feel smart.

I’m fairly certain this is why people gamble and the best reason I can describe for why I do it. I don’t gamble to make money. The money is nice but whether I win or lose, I’m not in it to retire. I’m also not in it to lose money I work hard to earn. I gamble within my means and it’s more of a leisure activity instead of a money maker. That being said, I love being right. The satisfaction and reward for nailing a game is earning more money to bet again. I’m currently on week 8 with the same $200 I started the NFL season with and I’m approaching 70 bets with that money. Sure I’ve been all in 4 times and this run could have ended, but as is, LET’S FUCKING GO. That was a capitalized LFG for the Seahawks and Chargers this week. Sorry Rob.