Twitter’s Search

I’ve written about this before so you’d think Twitter would fix it with enough influential people complaining. That was a joke for the people who take life too seriously. I like Twitter to stay up to date with the latest info from people I like info from. For instance, I like Evan Silva’s fantasy work so I’ll search him and see what podcasts or info he’s sharing. When I want to find his latest post, I’ll use the search function and type in E-V and his name will pop up and I’ll go to click it. Twitter than lowers his result and brings up other potential searches at the exact time I’m trying to click on Silva which results on me clicking on all news related to Evan Turner. It’s extremely frustrating because I KNOW this is going to happen yet for some reason I’m instinctively clicking on what I want as soon as I can. Please for the love of god, fix this.


I’m a notification Nazi. I know we’re not supposed to use Nazi in today’s age, but find me a better N word that goes along with what I’m describing. Outlook is probably the best example, but I notice it with SnapChat too. My # of notifications has to be 0. When I see a text message and don’t click on it and it still says 1, I get annoyed. I’ll go back in and get it to 0. This is because my brain is wired so that I’m not missing what’s being sent to me. It’s a sense of responsibility that I respond to people who are trying to interact with me. Now you know that if I don’t response it’s either 1) I don’t know the answer 2) I don’t want to respond 3) I don’t know how to respond. This can obviously get annoying as you can feel that you’re at the beckon of your phone, but in today’s age, that’s the way it is. The reason I’m writing this one is because I have a notification from Team SnapChat that I don’t give two shits about. Since I won’t check it, it won’t go away. Now I’m annoyed. So go be a loser and look through my apps and find something incriminating.

IPhone 10 Face Recognition

Sorry in advance, Evan. I’ve been reading that the latest IPhone 10 will have face recognition to unlock your phone. This means that instead of typing in a password, you look at your phone to unlock it. Here is my reaction (if I were a girl) when reading this feature:

Aside from thinking that password protecting is complete waste of time, and probably more detrimental than positive (unless you’re hiding dick pics or two timing), having my face unlock my phone sounds 100% useless. Why do I need this? I can’t think of 1 scenario in the last decade where someone has had my phone and used it against me. First of all, people I don’t know never have access to my phone. I’m also one of the drunkest people out there and my phone doesn’t randomly get lost where some evil person is going to steal it and then use all my personal information against me. Now you can call me an idiot for not locking my phone, but in all seriousness, if it hasn’t happened 1 time in 10 years where I’ve wished I’ve had this feature, why would I need it now? I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m in the minority here. I also think insurance is a ripoff and taxes pay for politician’s yachts.