I’ve been splicing the Museum Deli into my Dunkin Donut’s morning breakfast routine and I’ve been quite pleased. Museum Deli is owned by an Asian family who keep a neat store but don’t do a great job with advertising. The Dunkin I go to routinely has between 2-15 people in line and is that way from 7am to 9am. The Museum Deli routinely has between 0-1 people waiting in line from 6am to 6pm. This is good for now unless it becomes too popular.

At Dunkin I always get a medium coffee with cream and sugar, and a bagel with cream cheese. The total is $4.23 which is a bit of a rip off but the process of ordering and getting my items is less than 3 minutes makes it worth it to me. It’s 2 minutes from my house which is the real reason why I go there often. Jay never toasts the bagel properly as he throws it towards the back of the machine so it doesn’t get full heat. His spread of the cream cheese is embarrassing as well. I’ve complained about this before but there is no real change being made. Because of these details, I decided to swap to Museum for at least 2 days a week.

Museum Deli costs exactly $5.00. I get the sausage, egg and cheese and the apple juice Nantucket Nectar. I prefer the Half and Half but the apple is still good. I like this because it keeps me away from drinking coffee every day. The sausage egg and cheese is a way better sandwich and the guy who makes it always repeats, “salt, pepper, ketchup” like it’s the only English words he knows. I refused the first day but now I get it just so I don’t disappoint him.

All in all this has been a positive life change. Even though it is a bit slower even with Dunkin having a line, I’m helping out a small business and I enjoy the meal more. Thank you Museum Deli.