First let me describe what I have to go through to get back into form.  After waking up 10 times in 45 minute intervals last night trying to sleep and waking up in cold sweats or hot flashes, I had a rough night sleeping (I think pregnant women only get hot flashes).  I spend today wishing I was someone else at work and literally drinking as much water as possible because these ill feelings are brought on by dehydration.   When I got back home I literally sat in front of the TV complaining because you need people to know you feel like shit so they don’t bother you.  I watched Cool Runnings and felt inspired by it.  I’ve seen this movie before but certain parts brought on chills.  Specifically the part when Junior tells Yul he can live in Buckingham palace if he sets his mind to it and the ending scene is obviously moving.  Just a good all around movie.

When Junior is looking in front of the mirror with Yul Brenner and Yul asks what do you see and he can’t reply and Yul steps in and says “I see pride, I see power, I see a bad mother who don’t take no crap from no one.”  So after another year down the drain I looked in the mirror.  I still have a deformed lip from the 13 stitches that occurred 6 months ago.  I don’t think people can see it so well but I notice it everyday and try living with something like that and it’s just not fun knowing that people probably are like “wtf is on your lip.”  So we will tally up 2010 as another year of something moronic I did when I was wasted.  I also notice my now 5 teeth capped after re-breaking the capping on two that I previously broke.  This whole debacle set me back 5k and unfortunately the lesson still hasn’t been learned.  It’s sort of a shame too because I do other things well like keeping in good shape and function properly at work.  My diet is still pretty poor but it doesn’t seem to have such a negative effect on my life.   The New Years Resolution “to start being good at things,” becomes the titles of this post.

I couple of New Years goals that come to mind:

  • Breaking 60 minutes in the 10 mile Broad Street Run.  I was just under 61 in 2009.  A dud last year at 62+.
  • Playing a sub 80 round of golf.  I hit 84 from the blues at Bucks County this year and if I just put forth the effort to practice, this is still a stretch.  Putting and chipping specifically need work to make this a reality as my driving gives me an absolute shot at this goal.
  • How about being a viable scoring option in Basketball.  My inability to shoot or make lay ups is honestly a complete waste of growing up playing basketball.  Devoting some time to hitting the gym and getting in pick up games is really all this takes.
  • Weighing in at 170 would be losing a few pounds that is only there because I consume 30 beers a weekend.  To think how much even better shape I would be in if I took care of my body is really something I’m considering at my final few years of peak athleticism.
  • Not losing a single dollar at a casino or sports gambling?!?  This goal is also eaten alive by alcohol consumption but at my age of 27, I’ve completely learned that there is no money to be made doing this and to think otherwise is kidding yourself.
  • And this goal, as easy as it may seem, to get through weekend #1 sober.  I’m confident I can make it through Wed & Thurs but a full thru to Friday and Saturday is such a rare occurrence, that I might just do it to do it and see what type of lifestyle accustoms it.