I’ve pretty much turned into a hermit who bowls and golfs. These are actually much more constructive exercises than getting shitfaced and blacking out so it’s not all bad but I do feel like I’m not doing a whole lot.

On Friday I woke up at 5:30am, picked up Jeff, met the Shee, and golfed at the Links in Marlton. It was a speed round and we were back to work by 11am. Worked like a charm. I played pretty well with loads of par putts but they certainly weren’t tap ins. I finished with a 91 and Shee and Jeff were battling with other numbers.

I worked out and went bowling after work where I rolled 7 or 8 games. I managed a 240+ and almost finished with a 200 avg aside from a few crappy games at the end. I went to sleep early because…

I woke up at 5:30am the next day and met up with 2 friends and played golf at Hickory Valley. I once again played well except for 2 8’s on par 5’s and not getting off the tee on 1. I finished with a 92 with the same issues of loads of putts for pars that weren’t converting.

I then met up with Sam and the Weens for some bowling at South and we rolled 7 games. Aside from one barn burner where the Weens ousted me 250 to 240, we had our ups and downs. I manged a 114 which had to be my lowest score in quite some time. Fun time.

This took me to my bed where I had to nap to recover from the Turkey shot. I got up at 7pm and was see sawing whether I was going to meet up with Sam and Jordan but it wasn’t to be. I went to sleep and that takes me to right now where I just finished a 7 mile run and am going to get some drinks. I may golf in the afternoon just because. Enjoy the Easter.