This is a picture my dad posted today on Facebook. I added the grass and question mark for entertainment purposes.

The current picture has exactly 0 likes on Facebook. It’s pretty rare when you take a picture and receive 0 response. Total strike out. This goes hand in hand with my dad calling me this morning and asking me where his message went when it turned all blue. He told me, “I hit enter, nothing happened, and I hit enter again and it went blue.” It took me a bit to figure out what it went blue meant but it’s what happens in Facebook messenger when you send a message.

This picture was him uploading a photo to Facebook with no caption. Not to mention the picture is a bottle of soldering flux. What’s soldering flux you ask? It’s a bottle that no one on Facebook would ever care about. Talk about knowing your audience. I think he must be on to something posting content of objects that most people have no idea what they are.