Tomorrow I’ll be headed to Zurich, Switzerland to begin a European adventure. I feel the same type of anxiety as I have on previous trips which shows the feeling never goes away completely. It stems from the idea of going to a place where you don’t speak the language and having to navigate all by your lonesome. Trains in different languages. Ordering food like an idiot. Looking at people like they are from Mars when they talk to you. Fortunately you get used to it to a certain extent and there are English speaking people along the way.

I’m feeling pretty good which is important. I took 4 shits today and my system is clean as a whistle. I ate a salad and some fruit for nourishment which is a bit different than usual. My brain is working and I still have to pack but it should be too long. I also cleaned my entire house which I like to do before I go away so I come back and it’s like a full reset. The blog will be updated on 1/25/17. Until then you don’t have to come to this site because it won’t be updated but if you want to follow me on Snapchat, I’ll be snapping. Rnningfool is the name.

I’m too late to make a football post but I’ll be taking the Packers +4 and most likely the Chiefs. It really depends on how the first game goes and if I like my reads or if I have to pivot off of what I think. Sorry for the Seahawks pick last night.

I’ll be missing some important bowling weeks (and Winter Jam today) but I have full confidence in the squad to pick up my slack. I’m probably the only one who is over-achieving anyway so we might even be better. Viel Gluck.