I try to post daily but I missed yesterday because I was feeling a bit under the weather. I have a feeling the excessive drinking, combined with dehydration, and then factoring in 30 degree weather might have had something to do with it. I literally went to sleep at 5 yesterday and would sleep for a few hours, wake up, do practically nothing and then try to go back to sleep. I had a sore throat and it just made it unbearable. I’ve been drinking lots of fluids and have been feeling like myself again. I even passed on Mad River Thursday in order to recover.

I did have an interesting day though today. I got to work at 6 because I couldn’t sleep and finished up taking the inventory for the company. I worked til 12 and then went to get a hair cut and went to the mall. On my way back the GPS navigated me up broad and onto Roosevelt which was a bad idea in the nasty weather. I was bumper to bumper for an hour and a half and when I finally made it to the top of Green Lane, the real fun began. People were literally inching down Green Lane riding the brakes. I had a beemer in front of me with rear wheel drive that was having major issues. Well naturally the genius behind me overestimated his stopping ability and drilled the back of my car. In sheer amazement my car didn’t have even a scratch and I am still in complete disbelief. I may have to do a further check and it was dark out, but I’m fairly certain I got away unscathed.

I’m finished up the Girl Who Played With Fire and I’m pretty captivated by the story. I find the characters easy to relate to and the book is easy to read. It’s 700+ pages but I think it’s taken me less than 2 weeks to read. I picture Blomkvist like Daniel Craig and Salander like a tatted up Kristen Stewart. She might be a bit prissy for the part. Laura has told me the 3rd book isn’t worth reading so I’ll enjoy the end of this one. If you’ve read any good books lately I’d be happy to hear any suggestions.

Other than that life has been pretty normal and I’m looking forward to the holiday season. I read a post I wrote last year about the end of the year and I was in ultimate bender mode. I haven’t quite reached that point because there are still a couple work days left before complete freedom. I will be certain to let everyone know when that point is reached.