When it comes to the holiday season, it’s always a nice thing to buy a certain gift for someone who you value as a friend or for a certain family member. The great thing about gifts is that they can be big or little, cheap or expensive, but the thought that is put into them is what really counts. Anybody can go to the store and buy an item and give it as a gift but the person who is good at giving gifts thinks about the person they are buying for and then tries to suit their tastes. For example, last year I got my dad a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue. Yes it’s $200 dollars a bottle but it’s something that when he receives, he understands the value of what I’m getting for him. Honestly, this isn’t the best gift because it’s just feeding an alcoholic but every once in a while I play to the devil.

As my family has gotten older we have sort of moved past Santa giving present to everyone and we just do a secret Santa type of a deal. If any of my siblings read this, I’m probably going to buy a gift for each person just because I enjoy it so this doesn’t mean that you have to do the same, I’m just a more giving person than you. Kidding. It’s funny though because I don’t really ever purchase gifts for my cousins or aunts and uncles. It would probably be the nice thing to do and they’d never see it coming. It would probably make them think how nice and thoughtful of a person I was and would pay its way in the future for their perceived value of me. If I were to do this and none of my other siblings did the same, they’d think I was an ass kicker and would look down on my conniving scheming. Sad thing is that I’m spilling all my great ideas in this blog and I know that these people I’m talking about read it.

Quick gift giving story that I’ll never forget because of how brain dead some people are. CK4 is using a mouse circa 1995 and I thought it would be a good idea to get him a new one for the holiday season. We’ve been friends since elementary school and roommates for a few years now so I thought it’s just a nice thing to do. I get the mouse and give it to him. I know this puts him in an awkward spot because he didn’t get me anything in return but he didn’t know I was going to buy him anything so it shouldn’t have really mattered. Now if he had social common sense (he must not) he would accept the present, say thank you, and make me feel like I was a nice person and did a good thing by using the gift. Instead he refused to open it and after a couple of weeks I just took it back returned it, and bought myself a season of the Wire. It’s not like I gave a gift of a gold bar or something that would make your head spin. It’s a 30 dollar mouse that might improve your quality of life because your old one is the shittiest, dirtiest mouse I’ve seen. Get a clue. He knows I’m half joking on this matter and I find the story more entertaining than insulting because I know how he thinks and he doesn’t mean it as an insult, but just doesn’t know how to receive something for nothing.

Sadly I wait until the 17th to do my shopping and it’s sort of annoying because ordering things online is my favorite way to shop. As is I sometimes will have to 2nd day air goods to make sure they get here on time. I plan on doing some shopping on Saturday and picking out a few things here or there. Honestly when I do this I tend to find more things for myself than other people and don’t hesitate to spend money on myself as well. This is a fun time of the year and basically what you work for. If you can’t spend money during this holiday season for yourself or others, what better time is there?