Saturday did not go as planned. I had written that I was going to take the Raiders and the Seahawks which would have been ok. At the tail end of the Raiders game that I had just lost, I went with the Shee who lead me astray to the Lions. This was a double loss and resulted in my losing 200 smackeroos.

Who is going to bet on Dak?

I woke up on Sunday none too pleased and decided to re-deposit because that’s what winners do. I met up with the Mood Man at Fox and Hound and we both put money on the Stillers which hit. ┬áIt was an even money prop so I had 80 to win 80. With some liquid courage and against my better judgment, I put 180 dollars on the Packers even though I thought the Giants were going to cover. If you watch football, you’d know that this won. This has me up about 40 dollars and still a far cry from 2k.

Moody and I got pretty shit faced during the 2nd game and I feel like shit today. Either way, a win’s a win and I want to keep the blog updated.