Droid X

I just purchased this phone and have had it for all 2 days but I can give my initial reaction after I’ve used a Blackberry Storm for a year or two. The phone is really tall and skinny. It fits fine in my pocket but it’s just a little taller than I’d prefer. The email on the phone wasn’t that easy to set up and seems to have a nice delay when picking up messages off the server. Also they hide the ability to respond to emails that come to Gmail. I honestly still can’t figure out how to respond to emails that come to my stortz email address and then are imported to Gmail. So I still have my questions regarding this phone and it’s ability to handle emails properly. I had no complaints at all regarding email to my Blackberry. The better points about this phone is that the touch screen is unbelievable compared to the Storm. Typing is a breeze because of the responsiveness and everything is really easy to navigate. The phones browser is quick and I the addition of the apps is certainly a plus. I regret downgrading my data usage because I can tell that you can spend/waste hours with this phone and it’s applications. I’m still getting use to using it but I was impressed with it’s alarm clock this morning. It started off with a vibrate, worked into a slight noise and was steadily getting louder. I used to hate the Storm because it would start off full blast and just become such a nuisance to listen to that I would be thankful if I woke up before I knew it was going to go off. I’m still a bit clumsy with it but in due time it will improve. I will also say that the break factor of this phone is at least an 8 and that doesn’t bode well for me.

Coke Zero

This is the shittiest product on the market right now. I specifically had the Coke Zero Vanilla and it is the worst tasting liquid, aside from the fruit water JC buys, that I have ever had. It is specifically the zero that makes this product suck. I even like Vanilla and Cherry coke but who the hell wants crap with zero calories. Everyone knows it’s the calories that make it what it is. It’s like why on Earth would I ever prefer a fat free bland tasting piece of crap. Notice the words I’m using here, I WANT, something that tastes good. I don’t care about my health and what one can of soda is going to do to me. I realize that there are tons of weak willed individuals who do nothing with themselves and probably sit on their ass and drink cokes all day but for us somewhat motivated people, I will never succumb to these shitty ass tasting products because they are better for me than the battery acid coke that I prefer.

Dirty Potato Chips

These have become my favorite new potato chip. Now specifically the Mesquite BBQ flavor as I don’t actually find the other flavors all that good. These chips have a different taste to them and I like the way they are kettle cooked because they are really crispy. “Got any Crisps Kim!. Watch this video if you haven’t. I get really annoyed at other potato chip manufacturers who fill the bag up half way so their chips don’t break. That is complete bs. I don’t care if I have full chips, I just want as many as they can give me in that bag. This company doesn’t have that problem and I hope they succeed because I give them two thumbs up.