4 teams made the playoffs and I believe our game was the 2 vs 3 seed. We had 2 losses during the regular season and one of them was to the team that we played last night. Our team doesn’t have a name like Primetime but we are just referred to as Team Baker which I find pretty appropriate. Ck4 opened the game with a 3 ball and the game was pretty tight throughout the first half. We started in man D and eventually switched to a 2-3 with a few minutes left in the first half. I don’t remember the exact score but there wasn’t too much of interest and I think it was a one or two point game at halftime. Our strategy didn’t change in the 2nd half but at some point they switched over to man . The first 5 minutes of the second half was completely sloppy, out of control basketball. The refs weren’t consistent in their foul calling and things were starting to get out of hand. Jeff got walloped a few times to no call and I remember Jkash owning this one guy who would have had a layup. Jkash makes his fouls count though and gives tough minutes which our team somewhat lacks. Bake kept our team ahead with an awesome tip in that he got fouled on and multiple jumpers that kept the other team at bay. With 3 minutes left in the game we kept a 6 point lead and they were in the penalty. As the game wore on we kept going to the line and they just didn’t really make a run at it. Jeff had some big layups and foul shots towards the end and we just played a really good game and came away with a 10 point victory. We move on to the championship game next week and can hopefully come back with another rec league gold. Mad props to Bake for another impressive performance and even though I know it seems like I’m on his nuts, we wouldn’t be winning these games without him. And just so he doesn’t feel left out, if it wasn’t for Ck4’s defense and rebounding, we’d still be where we are today.

I made a nice pick on the Pats blowout and maybe I’ll give an occasional sports pick when I feel like I might know what I’m doing. I also earned 3 byes in Fantasy Football playoffs and have to play Bradbury in the first round of another. Solid performance from myself. Toot Toot.