There are a couple of things I did over the weekend that I think I can sum up pretty fast. Me, Wevs and the Wads went to Sugarhouse on Friday night where I proceeded to drop 500 dollars at 3 card poker. I wouldn’t reccommend the Sugarhouse to anyone as it’s filled with the dregs of society and getting a table was a nightmare. Not to mention that the table limits were all 25 min which just made it more annoying to play. Drinks were free though so I have to give them that. I was up 250 at one point and with 750 sitting in front of me I managed to give it all away in a quick burst of losing hands. The game is truly stupid and you have to be a complete moron to play it for as long as I did. Lesson learned.

I also managed to ride a hot streak sports betting into Sunday night. I was on a 7 game win streak which had me up about 400 bucks since Tuesday night. I hit the Pacers over the Kings, Eagles over the Texans, Pitt over Cincy, Auburn over SC, Sixers over the Bobcats, and then a 3 team teaser which was picked by Gusto for a hundred bucks and a 70 dollar win with the Packers. That led me to another 100 dollar teaser that lost on the Colts being unable to beat the Cowboys. I put 130 dollars on the Ravens last night and lost that putting my account at exactly 200 dollars (30 of which is Bakers). The miraculous thing about this money is that I have been on the same deposit since week 1 of the NFL. I have had the account as high as 650 before dropping as low as 25 and now I’m back in the green 170. I’m honestly completely in awe of how good and lucky I’ve been through this season but you can’t ask for this long of a run on 50 bucks betting as often as I do. I took my shot of trying to make up for the Sugarhouse loss last night and just feel a bit short. I’m leaning towards the Pats tonight.

In Fantasy Football news, my 4 teams have another chance at a sweep. If Brady can outlast Sanchez and the pats D with a 10 point cushion, I win. The Turkeys won the division and will have the most points scored in the league moving into a playoff bye. The Nuts have a 28 point lead with my Jets D vs Welker, Braylon, Hernandez, and the Pats D which should probably hold in a non ppr. And depending on Dustin Keller’s game, I could get a first round Playoff bye in Big Steve’s league. That’s 4 leagues, 4 playoff spots and maybe 3 first round playoff byes. My usually lackluster fantasy performance was offset by a big 2010. Time to bring home the bacon.

I’m also going to share my investment ideas with my limited audience and this gives a good benchmark for where levels are. There are 3 Chinese IPO’s that I read about today that all have proven business models in the USA, but these are all located in China. DangDang, symbol DANG, has an IPO set for Wednesday and it’s the equivalent of Amazon. YouKu is internet television and will IPO tomorrow under the symbol YOKU. Finally Sky-mobi, symbol MOBI will IPO on Thursday and is a Chinese App store for IPhones. I find all these business ideas solid and proven and no little about these particular companies. However, with China’s growing population of 1.3 billion people and about half a million use smart phones, there is still plenty of room for growth and these stocks have profitable American equivalents to model after. We’ll see what happens.