The semi-finals of the football playoffs were this week. It was a perfect day for football and the other team has team shirts and football gloves and we show up in plain white t’s looking haggard from a night of drinking. The entire game was all offense as the defenses seem to get abused. Bake was nearly perfect in the first half scoring on every single drive. Gusto was making good catches in the middle of the field. Ck4 caught a long ball where the other team just forgot to play defense. Gayle had 3 Td’s on the game which was pretty impressive. Jess Baker got in the end zone and had a nice 2 point conversion pass that Gusto dropped. Even I got in the end zone, take that Kelly. I think we were up a TD at halftime and then tempers started to flare on an extremely unorthodox play. Ck4 was returning a punt and laid down the boom on a female. He was going full speed and just completely ran over a 100 pound female. I was on the other side of the field so I couldn’t hear the comments going down but next thing I saw their players gathering around Chad and Jkash who was obviously looking to rumble. After that skirmish they lost their composure and started yelling at each other. Bake continued pouring it on and we ended up winning by 2 TD’s. It was a pretty competitive game and we played about the best we have all season. The championship game is on Dec 4th so it will be a colder game most likely. We celebrated the victory at the Bayou for the 2nd straight week and continued the tradition of a couple of carbombs. Solid performance by the team and I’m looking forward to the championship.