It’s hard to find time for blog posts during days like the ones I’m having. Ck4 and I stayed til close at Mad River and the mornings just aren’t that much fun. On normal nights I can usually spend a half hour at night writing a decent entry. Yesterday I got back from work and went to sleep from 5 to 7:30 and then showered, ate food and went to Mad River. From 9-11 there are dollar beers and I probably had about 8 of them and then swapped to double rum and cokes because I was able to persuade the bartender to sell me them for 5 bucks instead of 10. I was dancing with this one girl who was decent but even in my state of mind I put her in the too drunk category. The crowd was pretty decent for a Thursday night. Ck4 told me that it’s unacceptable to dance with fat chicks and he’d give me the ear pull anytime that was the case. I think that I’m probably one of the weekly league leaders for alcohol consumed and still going to work which must be something to brag about. Life has been pretty normal though aside from it passing by at a rapid pace. I’m sorry this is another poor post but I’m in no condition to write good entries.