1464808787-01313-0-1 with intel that was right on the money for the last 4 picks (+13 units) over this weekend. Nailing the Dolphins as an outright winner, the Cowboys, and the Cardinals for some nice ammo moving forward. 14-10, +21 units on the NFL so far. With all my betting I’m +7 units and I have a 1.5 unit bet on the Immortals to win the Eleague (14-1).


59hwjpa6Not a great week for me by any means but I dodged a bullet by winning my $50, 3 man league. This was my only cash in the 7 leagues but this +85 negated the -109 to allow me to walk away with only a $24 loss.

150 pts is the bench mark that you put together a good lineup in my mind. I only had 3 that were in the 140’s so I deserved to have a losing week. I made some poor plays in CJ Uzomah, Alex Smith and Chris Conley. ¬†You really can’t have these types of poor selections.

A final note is in 2 of the $20, 3 man leagues I lost to Condia. It’s my own fault for not scouting the league better ahead of time but why is a guy who’s presumably made millions playing a $20 league?


jazqlyeWild Turkeys – The Turkeys dropped a nuclear weapon on their opponent putting up 163.06 points which gives me the outright point lead and a 3-3 record. Pat on the back for playing Golden Tate over Ryan Mathews. The Turkeys are once again a team you don’t want to play.

Big Johnson’s – A dud week of 85 pts secured a loss but still allowed me to hold the season points league and maintain 1st place with a 4-2 record. ¬†Jordan Reed going down will not help this team moving forward.

Jamies Has Crabs – A little luck from a poor week from my opponent allowed me to sneak out a win scoring only 89 pts. I’ll take a little luck. I’m 4-2 and only 4 pts back from the season leader. Same problem with Jordan Reed.