I’ve been on a bit of hot streak of late hitting the Monday Night Game (Bucs), the Thursday Night Game (Bolts), and a win on Alabama yesterday. This puts me at:
NFL: 11-10, +8 units, CFB: 4-5, +.7 units, MLB: 1-2, -4 units, EPL: 0-1, -1.5 units
I am now down 6.5 units on the season when the juice is included.

Don't fail me again you fucker.

Don’t fail me again you fucker.

Dolphins +8, 4 units – I ask myself what game do I think is the most obvious to be an easy win and land on this one. No one in their right mind should think that the Dolphins can cover 8 points against the Steelers. They got shit on by the Titans last week with Ryan Tannehill looking like he forgot what a QB was supposed to do. The Steelers put a beat down on the Jets looking like an offensive juggernaut and this will stick in people’s minds. This is not a bet for the feint of heart. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a back door cover or an outright win from the Dolphins. I only know everyone and their mother will pick the Steelers in this game. When they zig, you zag.



Cowboys +4.5, 4 units – Evan Silva thinks they can win outright which means that 4.5 should be plenty. The Packers at Lambeau are definitely a force to be reckoned with so I’m not saying this is a sure thing by any means. They tend to be over hyped though and the Cowboys are proving they should be taken seriously. I don’t think they will win, but I expect the game to be close.


The money has been pouring in as I would hope I’m gaining some credibility. Some plays I’ve been touting are Chris Conley and Mike Wallace as cheap options. There are so many good players this week that I don’t think there are any guarantees. I’m also implementing the dual TE in a lot of lineups with Graham and Gronk. In options where I decided to choose the cheapest TE, I went with CJ Uzomah who I know is a long shot but I think he’s got a high floor and at $2,500, I like his upside. The Raiders-Chiefs should be high scoring and everyone else thinks the Panthers-Saints matchup will provide a load of points so I could get hurt if it does with not much exposure. I’m riding J Howard again which I know gets riskier each week he plays well,┬ábut the Bears have no other option. Same thing with Carlos Hyde. LeVeon Bell is also a must play if possible.



54335712Wild Turkeys – The Turkeys are 2-3 and looking like the team that they should be after a good draft. I’m projected with the highest points total (again) at 122 and my opponent is slated for 94 with 2 of his players already going. No real lineup considerations other than Andy Dalton over Eli and Ryan Mathews over Tate. I like my chances. 2nd highest point total and 2nd most against as well.

Big Johnson’s – Sitting in 1st place with the most total points scored and the least total points against, it’s shaping up to be a bloodbath for the rest of the league. Not my highest projection at 95 but my opponent has already played a man and is at 87 so once again, I like my spot. Rolling out an Alex Smith to Maclin stack, I’m crossing my fingers. I played Charles Clay instead of Jordan Reed.

Jameis Has Crabs – A disturbing 3-2 with a loss by 1.1 and .3 but easily the best team in the league. It sounds like I’m bragging but I have the most points scored in the league and have the 2nd most scored against me. I could be 5-0 and I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m playing Big Steve and am projected to beat him by 7. I had to play Tyrod which I don’t love and Uzomah for Reed. No other concerns.